Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Poor Credit Unsecured Loans

Poor Credit Unsecured Loans: Improve your Personal Loans

Bored of your daily routine? Why not take a break and go for a vacation? If you are worried about money then stop doing so and avail short term loan. Short term loans are ideal for fulfilling all the short term requirements like vacation, wedding, renovation of home and so on.


Short term loans can be availed by both homeowners and non- homeowners like paying guests and tenants. It is available in both secured and unsecured format. Secured short term loans can be availed by placing collateral against the loan amount while unsecured short term loans can be availed without any security. To avail secured short term loan you can place any of your personal property like car, home, bank account etc as collateral with the lender. This helps reduce the interest rate on the loan. People suffering from bad credit history due to arrears, defaults, CCJ’s, IVA, bankruptcy etc can also avail the benefits of short term loans.

Amount and interest

Amount that can be borrowed with short term cash loans ranges from 1000 – 2500. The loan amount depends upon the credit status and repayment ability of the borrower. You can opt for a repayment duration that ranges from 1 – 10 years. If you want to keep your monthly instalments small then opting for longer duration of repayment can be beneficial. Interest rate of short term cash loans depends upon type of loan you want to avail that is secured or unsecured. Secured short term cash loan carries lower interest rate compared to unsecured short term cash loans.


You can use short term cash loans for renovation of home, vacation, wedding and so on. You can also use it for professional purpose.


There are various banks, lending firms and financial institution that offer short term loans, but you should make a deep search before applying because this way you can find a lender offering short term loan at reasonable terms and conditions.

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